Welcome to Shutter Stories. 

Shutter Stories is a project that fosters creative story telling using the medium of photography. We hope to inspire a new generation of artists and help them communicate their ideas and visions to their communities in a way that they haven't before.

Our mission is to provide a creative outlet and positive learning environment for young children. By providing them the tools and confidence they need in order to give back to their communities, we hope to bring positive change to their lives.

At Sage Hill High School, service is part of our curriculum. We have one day a month entirely devoted to independent projects that give back to the community. This project was designed in the Sage Hill Service Learning program and has blossomed into a much larger mission. Myself, along with another Sage Hill Student, Kellen Ochi, will go to a local public school in Santa Ana, CA and devote one day a month to teaching, creating, and mentoring children using photography.  We will give these kids a camera, teach them the basics and have them go out and create a story.  We will then print their favorite story, and hold a gallery exhibition.  The proceeds will go back into the program to continue to foster the creative story telling process.