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Day Four: Kickstarter Success and Update

We are really excited to announce that we are successfully funded and we are 125% funded on the Kickstarter. With the extra money that we have received we look to improve on the camera choice for the after school program that we are operating.Today, we are walking around the Sage Hill campus putting up our promotional fliers to expand our mission to the community. We are putting them on places such as the Doodle Wall inside the Humanities building, in the front office, and on different doors around the campus.

The next step of this awesome project is to purchase the 10 cameras for the kids. We have chosen the Canon S110 from B and H photo. These cameras will allow our students to engage in the digital photography process and get some quick results along with the easy use of a point and shoot. We are really excited to get started on this project and we have been back and forth with the principal about starting soon. We are super thankful and lucky to have had such success on our Kickstarter and we are so stoked that the community has shared our vision towards accomplishing this mission.  

Day Three: Kickstarter

Today, we are working on the Kickstarter campaign page and inventing ideas for incentives for future investors based on how much invested. An example would be a 5 x 7 photo that one of our future students will take at the base investment of 25$. We are also working on the used camera drive within Sage Hill to receive cameras for the use of our students. 

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Day Two

We are excited to get started on our Kickstarter video. We have already started editing and we just need to film so B-roll footage and make some finishing touches.  We are going to try to finish the video today and have a finished product. So far we have done audio, voiceovers, and the script. We are confident that we can finish the video today.

Also, we want to contact the EBC Principal today and check in and talk more about logistics. 

Day One: Planning

We talked to our panel and they gave up constructive criticism about our idea. We are now working on the questions they asked us. Kellen and I are working out the details and fundraising ideas of our project. We contacted EBC's principal about our idea. We thought about 4 different fundraising options.